**** Latest Updates ****

November 2022 – Due to time commitments and being a voluntary organisation, we have reduced our campaigning. Litter picks are still organised, however with less regularity than before.

If you would like to get involved and help breath new life into Clean Up Glasgow, please email us!

October 2021 – Thanks for the responses to the litter survey. We have shared some of the findings on Instagram and we will continue to use these valuable inputs in defining our strategy.

September 2021 – The Scottish parliament discussed our schools petition, you can see a video of their discussion here. The petition is now closed but you can still contact your MSP to increase the pressure on government to act.

Cleaning up Glasgow, one bag at a time.

Our aim is to not exist. We want to tackle the core causes of littering and to hold the UK & Scottish governments and Glasgow city council accountable for their role in failing to tackle the litter crisis. 

 If we are to successfully stop littering for good, then we need to stop littering at every level. 

This means community engagement, increased bin collections, better monitoring and reporting of overflowing bins, a shift in public attitudes and harsher punishment for those who litter.

Only by tackling at every angle will we see success. 

Get involved below, and join us in cleaning up Glasgow however you can. 

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