These are documents sourced from the Glasgow City Council website, often when attached to the official, and therefore publicly available, Minutes of meetings. Some may have been, or are planned to be, published for public information and others are intended for internal information only.

These have been downloaded for research purposes. Please note it is possible for the documents to have been updated since they were downloaded or for new policy or practice to have replaced them. All of these documents were definitive versions at the time they were found. Some of the main documents are accompanied by an internal report or memo that is likely to have been prepared as an introduction when the main document is submitted to a council meeting for acceptance. Those reports can be informative in their own right.

If you are contacting councillors or other officials feel free to quote them, and there is certainly a good deal to learn from them.

This list will be updated with new documents and notes as we get more information.

Also look at the list of Minutes from Council meetings. [LINK pending]

GCC Resource and Recycling Strategy 2020-30‘The new strategy sets out the strategic direction for the Council on how waste and resources will be managed within the city over the next 10 years, with a vision of “Empowering Glasgow to become a zero-waste city”.
GCC Resource and Recycling Strategy 2020-30 internal report memo2Feb2020 – Summarises the strategy and gives a rough timetable for implementation.
Clean Glasgow 2021-2026 Action Plan internal reportThis is the main proposal document for Clean Glasgow 2021-26 with the 2 appendices.
Clean Glasgow 2021-2026 Appendix 1, Focus Group Research Dec 2019
Clean Glasgow 2021-2026 Appendix 2, Litter Prevention Action Plan
Circular Economy Routemap and Action Plan 2020-30This sets out the plans for a circular economy and is for distribution internally and, probably, to partner organisations and stakeholders. It does not appear to be intended for public distribution.
Circular Economy Routemap and Action Plan internal report memo6Oct2020
Domestic Bins Update internal report 17Mar20Sets out justification for reduction in rate of domestic waste collection.
EU Horizon 2020 Connecting Nature
4Feb2020 – ‘To advise the Committee of the background to and provide an update on the
Council’s role as front runner city in the EU Horizon 2020 Connecting Nature
Private Lanes Strategy internal report6Oct2020 –
‘Glasgow has 931 lanes across the City (not including the City Centre), which are not owned or adopted for maintenance by the City Council.
‘A number of these lanes suffer from levels of environmental degradation in relation to fly tipping, poor surfacing, overgrown trees/vegetation, drainage issues etc.
‘The purpose of this report is to identify and map those locations and bring forward potential partnership solutions to improve these across the City.’
Private Lane Improvement Project Pilot Study 2019-2020 internal report undated
Environment, Sustainability and Carbon Reduction City Policy Committee, Proposed work Plan 2020-218Sep2020 – This internal document sets out the timetable and allocation of work for the year 2020-21 that was severely disrupted by the pandemic. The document is still useful to show who is doing what and the approximate implementation.
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