To take part, all households (that are able) spend up to 30 minutes at 10am on the last Saturday of the month cleaning their patch. To do our bit to live in a clean city that we can be proud of. So we can enjoy our surroundings without the blight of litter.

Your patch can be the street around your building if you are in a block of flats, or the street around your home including your garden (communal or otherwise), and your hedge and driveway if you have them.

You could also use the time to do a socially distanced clean of an adopted area with a group of other locals as per Covid social distancing guidelines.

Introductory Video

Check out this short video on how to get involved with Cleanup Glasgow including getting a monthly street clean up and running in your area!

Equipment and Engaging with GCC

You can register with Glasgow City Council as a Neighbourhood Improvement Volunteer (go here and they will supply you litter picking kits. However, there is a major backlog due to Covid, so its worth registering but you might have to bring your own equipment for some time. Bare minimum equipment is gloves, a mask and some bin bags. Litter picker is helpful especially for picking up nasty items. Once you have a pile of bags of litter ready for collection, GCC uplift should be arranged using the ‘MyGlasgow’ GCC app and the FixMyStreet website. For long term arrangements its worth contacting GCCs Neighbourhood Improvement and Enforcement Service directly:

Monthly Street Clean Location map

A live editable Monthly Street Clean map has been created for visualising the participation in the Monthly Street Clean across Glasgow and coordinating over local areas. The map also includes links to active local litter picking groups. Please add your rough location to the map below by clicking on the link and following the instructions below. This will be useful for A) Seeing the overall Glasgow Monthly Street Clean coverage B) Finding local litter picking groups and C) for coordinating your Glasgow City Council (GCC) uplifts by seeing the locations of other participants in your area. (If you live just outside the GCC area then you are welcome to still use the map and follow your own councils uplift guidelines.).

Add your rough location to the map

There are 3 types of marker you can add to the map. 1) Your rough home location – , 2) A Monthly Street clean uplift or meet point – 3) A community organisation –

Important. When adding a monthly street clean uplift / meet up point marker please add a day/time (even if you are sticking to the 10am Last Saturday of the month) for clarity. Also make sure you add some details on how to get further info, such as referring to the Discord ward area chat (details below). Finally please use the correct Icon and colour to make the map easier to use. The same applies to adding details of a community organisation, add a link to your group social media or website so people can find you and join your next event.

Logging in to google maps

If you are already logged in to your Google account in your web browser, open the editable Monthly Street Clean map by clicking on the link below. If you aren’t already logged in to your Google account you can login by clicking the link below, then click top right ‘sign in’ button. Then easiest thing to do is close the map which is not editable at that stage. Then click link below again to open the map, it will now be editable. Faff i know sorry!

Add a marker

Place a marker by clicking on then clicking on the map. If adding a home location, the name and description you can leave as default (it is not recommended that you add personal details). If adding a suggested uplift/meetup point give it a name and include details on where to go for further info in the description. Same for community group, add a name and details of where to go for further info. Click ‘Save’. Please change the icon and colour to one of the 3 types above (Rough home location – , uplift/meetup point – , community organisation – ) by clicking on .

Add a suggested meet point and uplift location to the map

If you want to meet other local volunteers (which is really what this map is all about) you will need to propose a time and place to meet by adding a marker with a day and time and details of where to go for more info (such as Discord-see below). To minimise council uplifts and the eyesore of piles of bags waiting to be picked up, it is recommended you work out the smallest possible number of locations where you can pile your rubbish bags for GCC uplift, and you can use the same location as a meet point and uplift location. You could also make the uplift point at an adopted litter hotspot where you can pick litter (socially distanced) once you have done your street clean.

Connecting to other locals

Ok lets say you are new, and the only marker on the map in your area. What can you do to get support and build a local community?

1) Organise a litter pick – Then promote your post on community Facebook, Next Door, Instagram pages. And we will share it on our website and social media. This is very likely to be enough to find one or two locals and once you have a core group you can go to making it a routine monthly event.

2) Find existing local groups. There are many of these operating already its just a case of finding them. More of these will be added to the map in time and a page is soon to come to the website.

If there are other markers in the area, you can potentially skip organising a one off litter pick and go straight to organising a Monthly Street Clean using the map and the Discord using the steps below.

Organise a Monthly Street Clean

Once the map is populated hopefully you will see other participants in your area. In which case you can use the icon to propose a central meeting and/or uplift location that’s within 5 minutes walk for most of you. Give it a name (e.g. its location) in the description include the day/time of the Monthly street clean (e.g. Last Saturday of the month at 10am), also put yourself forward as the person responsible for reporting GCC uplift, and point other locals to the Discord chat (or you could create a social media page if you prefer) for any queries-see below. GCC uplift should be arranged using the ‘MyGlasgow’ GCC app and the FixMyStreet website.

Some guidelines… You are not expected to share your name or provide your exact address on the map (this is a publicly available map). Please do use the map to add notes on how to contact each other locally, we recommend using the discord chat (see below).

Clean Glasgow Discord Server (basically a chat room)

To organise local pick up locations and connect with people in your area (especially if you see other homes on the map around you but don’t know who they are) you can always chat to each other using the Discord server (requires a quick sign up) which has a page for each ward (find your ward using As described above, add a proposed meet point marker and in the description, point to the discord (e.g. ‘Speak to @User22 in the southside central Ward area page of the Discord). It is worth saying hello in the Discord chat and saying which marker you are the contact for so people can find you. e.g. In the southside central ward area thread put a message (e.g. User22: Hi i am responsible for the Victoria rd/cuthbertson meet point, any questions get in touch here tagging @User22).

Setting up Discord.

Firstly you are best to open the discord app or web application from

Once you have registered and logged in to the discord app, you can click on the below link to join the Glasgow Cleanup Discord Server!

Glasgow Cleanup Discord Server:

Good luck and have fun!!!

Please feel free to share your results and thoughts with us on social media and Discord.

Let’s support those local heroes who have been doing this week in week out for years and let’s stand together to Cleanup Glasgow and keep it that way.