If you are looking to get involved, your first port of call could be to find your closest group (firstly you could try checking out Facebook local community pages and council groups, as well as Nextdoor) and team up with them… they will often have equipment, insurance, and experienced litter pickers who will be delighted to have your help.

We have an up to date map of the active groups in Glasgow here – https://cleanupglasgow.co.uk/#map. This includes community Hubs that provide kits containing litter pickers, disposable gloves, High visibility vests, bag hoops, refuse bags and a designated refuse uplift after an event. The Glasgow city council (GCC) version of the map can be found here . You can also become a Neighbourhood Improvement Volunteer (NIV) to get equipment supplied https://www.glasgow.gov.uk/article/23781/Neighbourhood-Improvement-and-Enforcement-Service. Or if you want to buy equipment check out this blog – https://cleanupglasgow.co.uk/where-can-i-buy-a-litter-picker//

If there’s nothing already set up in your area, it’s really just a matter of organising something and seeing who turns up. We have instructions on how to organise a pick on the website, https://cleanupglasgow.co.uk/organise-a-pick/ .

In the longer term, you can also try and get a monthly street clean going locally https://cleanupglasgow.co.uk/get-involved/msc

Below is a feed of our upcoming events from our Instagram / Facebook Page and from partner groups.