If you would like to organise a pick yourself, please do so! Tag us @the_glasgow_cleanup on social media and we’ll spread the word. Your event will automatically display on our events page if you use the hashtag #cleanupglasgowPick on Instagram.

We’ve created a image generator for anyone to use which lets you easily share time and location. Get started here.

If you are not on social media email us the image of the location and time and we will post it for you on social media and this website.

Glasgow Summer Clean Litter Picks

We have created an image generator with the summer clean icon specially for litter picks that are part of the Glasgow Summer clean event on the 19th of June 2021 with date already completed (you just need to change time and place). Get started here. Once you have created an image please post it to the Facebook event page discussion for the Glasgow Summer Clean 2021 as well as sharing on social media using instructions above or email it to us if you are not on social media.