The Glasgow Clean Up Media Statement – October 2021

Cleaning up Glasgow, one bag at a time.

Thank you for taking a keen interest in the littering issue. We are being approached regularly for comments.  Our response is below.  

We are a collective of individuals passionate about the state of our communities. We are connected by a desire to live in clean and flourishing spaces.

We hold no political affiliation and will not blame any one person directly.  We recognise that the issue is complex and requires systemic and innovative solutions. Sadly, these are not forthcoming from our institutions quickly enough.

We have taken the simple but important first step in clearing the streets of litter but much more is required.

We need increased bin collections, better monitoring and reporting of overflowing bins, more transparency and accountability from businesses & government, community engagement, a shift in public attitudes, as well as legislative changes to the production and consumption of goods, including reduced packaging and steps towards a circular economy.

Big changes are needed on national and regional levels.  

All we can do just now is clean the streets. Until we ultimately don’t have to. Our long-term goal is to not have to litter pick.

Keep an eye on our social media channels for any litter picks or future actions.