Where Can I Buy a Litter Picker?

One of the most common questions we get asked are what equipment is advised to get started, and where to buy it. Below we’ve listed some common places to find equipment.

What equipment do I need?

There’s two options here – either the bare minimum, or a set of tools that will make picking safer and bit more pleasant


Strong Gloves – While we don’t advise you pick things up directly, if you’re going to do so make sure you have strong, thick gardening gloves. Empty cans can be cut and sharp, or worse, needles are sometimes hidden within bushes.

Binbag – Obviously you need somewhere to put the rubbish! Any household bags will do, but we recommend using slightly thicker bags where possible. This reduces the risk of the litter breaking free (thanks seagulls) if they’re not collected for a day or two.


Litter Picker – The extension of your arm, a litter picker saves you from bending down so much, and also ensures you’re an arms distance from any sharps lurking in the undergrowth.

Thick bin Bags

Thick Gardening Gloves

Bin Bag Hoops – These hold the bag open, making the litter pick much easier and quicker!

Where do I buy litter picking equipment?

For ease, we’ve listed some links to eBay, but equipment is also available at Argos, Toolstation, and local hardware stores.

Pickers are usually £10 – £15, and bin hoops another £10 or so. Gloves and bin bags can be bought for <£5 from your local garden center or supermarket.

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